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Resources for Samuel Pepys


Here are the best links and resources for anyone interested in finding out more about Samuel Pepys and his historic diaries. Created by Phil Gyford, this is the best internet resource for Samuel Pepys. It not only includes a daily entry from the diaries, it also has a lively discussion forum and a wealth of information written by users of the site. This is a must visit for anyone interested in Pepys. A bit of fun created by www.pepysdiary.com. It is as though Samuel Pepys is walking the streets of London today! A detailed biography with links for further investigation. The official website of the Pepys Building, located in Magdalene College's Second Court. This houses not only the famous diaries, but also his unique library. The fullest text available in the Public Domain, edited by Lord Braybrooke A fabulous biography written by Claire Tomalin, (ISBN-10: 0670885681 ISBN-13: 978-0670885688). It is entertaining, informative and an absolute must for any fan of Pepys. These are the definitive volumes of the diary, transcribed by Robert Latham and William Matthews. They contain all the diaries text including the erotic passages which were omitted from previous editions
  • Volume I. Introduction and 1660. ISBN 0-7135-1551-1
  • Volume II. 1661. ISBN 0-7135-1552-X
  • Volume III. 1662. ISBN 0-7135-1553-8
  • Volume IV. 1663. ISBN 0-7135-1554-6
  • Volume V. 1664. ISBN 0-7135-1555-4
  • Volume VI. 1665. ISBN 0-7135-1556-2
  • Volume VII. 1666. ISBN 0-7135-1557-0
  • Volume VIII. 1667. ISBN 0-7135-1558-9
  • Volume IX. 1668-9. ISBN 0-7135-1559-7
  • Volume X. Companion. ISBN 0-7135-1993-2
  • Volume XI. Index. ISBN 0-7135-1994-0
The Shorter Pepys (ISBN-10 0520034260), contains extracts from the full transcribed by Robert Latham and William Matthews. At over a thousand pages it is a great introduction to the man and his works.