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About Samuel Pepys Today


Welcome to Samuel Pepys Today!!

This site houses a public domain copy of the diaries of Samuel Pepys. He started this project on January 1st 1660 and continued writing a daily entry virtually every day until May 31st 1669.

We thought that a cool way to present Pepys' diaries would be to place all the entries of each day of the year together. The home page updates daily and shows all the diary entries for today's day and month. Near the top of the page we have also built a calendar so that you can easily find a particular day (such as your birthday) and see what Sam was up to!

The diaries are a true literary and historical gem, that were written during a period of great change and upheaval. They are much more than just not a mundane account of his life. as Pepys brings you into his world as he personally eye witnesses many great events, such as the plague and the Fire of London. There are also many passages about his day to day life including his ambitions, infidelities and numerous fallings out with his wife.

This site is very new, it was launched in March 2011, and over time new content and articles will be added.

A couple of pages we ought to mention are our Privacy Policy and a resources page where we have put the most interesting links, if you want to find out more about Samuel Pepys, the diaries and what life was like during his times.

If you have trouble finding your way around the site we have made a sitemap page with all the most important pages on it.

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Finally, if you have never read Samuel Pepys before, then you are in for a big treat!